Podcast 8: Emma Hamilton and her ‘Attitudes’

This week we were joined by Dr Helen Slaney, who talked to us about Emma Hamilton (1765-1815). You can listen here:

While living in Naples with her husband, William, Emma Hamilton developed a series of classical poses known as her ‘Attitudes’, in imitation of poses she had seen on the vases collected by her husband. Helen has kindly shared some images of Emma Hamilton from her research with us.

Here is Emma as a young woman, painted by George Romney:


George Romney, Emma Hart in a Straw Hat, c.1782-4, Huntington Library

Romney painted Emma as a number of classical figures:


Emma Hamilton as Circe, by George Romney, c.1782, Waddesdon Manor


Podcast 7: The Whole Earth Catalog, Ecology, and the Early Internet

Dr. Courtney Traub, Teaching and Research Fellow at the Rothermere American Institute at Oxford, joined us this week to tell us about an off-beat, counter-cultural publication from the 1960s and 70s, the Whole Earth Catalog.

The Whole Earth Catalog is the brainchild of Stewart Brand and was a compendium of sustainable and self-sufficient living resources, new technologies, and reviews of books on widely esoteric topics from cybernetics to population crises. It derived its title from NASA’s famous image of the earth from space, which was featured on its initial cover page: